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A unique proprietarylead generation, email and database marketing platform that will deliver high converting incremental customers. This main stay was a core product and has evolved over the years to consistently deliver high returns on marketing investments.

An exclusive digital display solution powered by technology that intuits the most granular relevancy for a brand and places rich media banner ads on over a million potential websites but only when the content and consumer viewing it is deemed by the technology to be a match. The technology was developed by electronic engineering PHDs and published Neural Scientists which mimics the way the human mind reasons content. This solution’s strongest value is the early intersection of travel planning before decisions are made. The result is high engagement with content and measurably higher intent to purchase approximating 3 times the average of all campaigns under measurement by Nielsen’s Vizu. In addition, third party validation in partnership with University of Texas, A&M.

A unique approach to search marketing that has proven to deliver high incremental conversion. Our search strategy is unique in that it focuses on optimization of consumer behavior and characteristics that indicates a higher intent to purchase. That strategy is synthesized with tactical best practices by Google certified search specialists experienced in travel and tourism industry search marketing.

A fresh approach to social marketing that integrates both earned and paid  social strategies to now track and measure engagement through ultimate conversion to purchase. We typically start with a clear understanding of conversations occurring about travel to and from a destination/hotel/cruise etc relevant to the competitive set. This provides a basis for a social marketing plan to secure more than your fair share of conversations with positive sentiment to engage the consumer and create a high intent to purchase.

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