Beat Your competition

Our goal is to assist in growing and retaining a robust high value customer base and extending the Lifetime Value.
We provide innovative solutions to get to the customer before your competition. And then we help you keep them. We can also provide reservations systems, mobile solytions, search engine marketing, Meta search and Meta Direct bookings so you don't become overly reliant on OTA's. Our business models also work with non travel and tourism related companies. 
​We believe every point of contact is a new opportunity to connect using personalized and real-time offers that build customer trust and lasting loyalty.


  • Creating effective digital campaigns
  • Intercept strategies
  • Search, Social and Content strategies
  • Lead Generation and Conversion
  • Prospect to Customer program
  • 3rd Party list strategy



  • Capture deeper customer understanding
  • Automating and Personalizing Communications
  • Business Rule Implementation
  • Life Cycle Segmentation 
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Email strategies (Versioning, AB tests etc.)
  • RFM scoring

helpING you inspire, Win,  Engage & retain customers

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 Tourism & Hospitality Sales & Marketing Services


  • Create Customer Lifecycle models
  • Actionable Customer Profiles
  • Active - Lapsed - Lost Triggers
  • Win-Back strategies
  • Multi-channel contact
  • Versioning Lifecycle Segments
  • Retention by Class models


  • Database Analysis
  • Identifying High Value Customers
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Modeling
  • Defining Communication strategies
  • Promotions, contests and offers