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full service leisure travel platform
Beyond Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
complex itinerary planning and booking made easy

eRoam offers a B2B marketplace of leisure travel products that enables users to create their own online travel shop in minutes. In the eRoam marketplace subscribers can access over 500,000 hotels, guest houses, villas and resorts, over 100,000 activities, events, attractions and tours, plus 1000's of airlines, bus, train and ferry companies.

eRoam goes “beyond AI” - combining machine learning technologies, consumer trending data and travel advisors expertise. This saves the travel advisor considerable time and cost in building the perfect itinerary. Make a single payment to book products from a range of customized sources while maximizing commission earned on all products selected.

On the eRoam platform, subscribers can create pre-packaged itineraries to promote and sell. In your eRoam shop you can also offer users the ability to research, build and book travel itineraries in seconds. eRoam offers a range of accommodation, transport and touring options to satisfy any budget from backpackers to families and luxury travelers.

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Bob Gilbert serves as General Manager overseeing the Tourism practice for the award winning, Eddy Alexander agency. An amazing full service agency partnering  with smart, innovative clients to make the "not yet possible" possible. Delivering a comprehensive mix of services including market research,  go-to-market strategy, campaign management, creative execution, content creation, interactive brand experience planning, marketing investment performance analysis, and industry bench marking.

We offer proven expertise, unparalleled experience, and nationally and internationally recognized quality. We are boast a number of Fortune 500 firms, top-tier research institutions, well-  government agencies, and highly-regarded non-profit organizations among our valued clients.

                                 Booking Software for Tour, Activities and Attractions 

We partner with the world's leading independent booking software and distribution channel management platform; Rezdy. Rezdy is by far the most flexible and value priced cloud based service provider on the planet. Rezdy offers a variety of affordable plans that range from low cost subscription to commission based programs. Enterprise clients will appreciate the bespoke pricing and incredible cost of sale with a 5 star customer success team.. Rezdy delivers over $3.5 million in booked revenue daily and operates in over 100 countries.

We work with airlines via a proprietary independent distribution platform that provides airline passengers the ability to book hotels, events, shows and things to see and do. This platform connects with airline passengers much higher up the funnel. We can help expand your reach and simplify the process connecting to the right people at the right time. Program also available for hotels.