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Graffiti - A potted history

CAPTIVATION MARKETING evolved over many years but was ignited in 2005 when I was EVP with Intrasight, (which later became ClickSquared) working for a brilliant man called Jeff Walters and his partner Dave Tedesco. We were an integrated database marketing company, deep in analytics and complemented with a multi channel communication platform. This became the catalyst to leverage the many relationships I have made and kept over the years and still tap in to their deep knowledge to this day. I have been blessed to have worked with game changers and creative visionaries such as Bob Hazard, Barry Smith, Bear Grylls, Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Walters, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Genesis, Monty Python, Michael Douglas, Guo Dongjie (SVP Ctrip) and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev. I have also assisted NASA, Rezdy, Hilton Hotels International, National Park Service, Visit California, Visit Florida and the US Department of Commerce. Working with each of them has, without hesitation, influenced the way I think.